Hello there! I am Floffah, a programmer & web dev from the UK. This website is still under construction and when its finished it will not look like it was made in MS Word.



Quantum is a futuristic, multifunctional Discord bot aiming to replace most bots on Discord!


  Floffah#0001 - Owner & Developer
  Nexus#6871 - Owner
  Resurrection#7504 - Developer
  Galaxie#7899 - Developer
  Anthony#3912 - Developer


Partnered is a Discord bot for getting more users in your server. It doesn't just randomely send a server's partner ad to a channel on your server every hour, it finds a server that is more relevant to your server every hour (but after five of those it will do a random one). It has a lot of security and it uses ai to figure out who it should partner you with. It will not partner you with a server it partnered you with, within the past two days but after that you might get partnered with someone for example: two days ago or 3 weeks ago, etc


  Floffah#0001 - Owner & Developer
  Ohhlookitsrazorr#4651 - Developer


Mangium is a project manager and IDE for Windows that lets you create projects in any language while being tested and dependencies being updated! To use any other language than Node.JS on Mangium you will need to create or install a plugin. There is also themes. The docs for these are coming soon.


  Floffah#0001 - Owner & Developer
  Seed#0001 - Developer